4 Great Wedding Favors to Show Appreciation

Planning a wedding is always a hectic but rewarding affair. While you’re running helter-skelter, you tend to forget about personalized wedding favors, which, ironically, are some of the most important parts of a wedding.

Wedding favors are the best way to show love and appreciation for the people who came to celebrate the big day with you. Try these amazing favors and the guests are bound to leave the wedding with wide smiles plastered to their faces.

  • Hot Moss Planter

Imagine you and your spouse walking down the aisle, probably the two happiest people on Earth at that moment; then you steal a glance left and see your family, friends and loved ones sporting broad smiles, each of them holding a lovely hot moss planter. We’re willing to bet that sight alone can widen your smile too.

What’s more, if you’re having a garden wedding, the hot moss planter, because of its lovely natural look, adds to the aesthetic appeal of the place. In addition, the guests can even have it filled up with any manner of floral arrangements.


  • Mason Jars

Do you and your spouse have a favorite fruit jam? Or baked cookies, perhaps? Why not have custom-made mason jars filled with treats for your guests? For one, the sight is pleasant on the eyes, and they make great and ‘sweet’ favors too.

These particular jars come with a label and string and are manufactured from heavy-duty glass that doesn’t trade durability for attractiveness. If your guests intend to store something else other than candy in the jars, spices can also comfortably sit in them, and so can candles. The jars are thus practical and simple but still elegant.


  • Mini Gumball Machine

Here’s something else to sweeten your guests’ tongues. This incredibly cute mini gumball machines can cater to both the young ones and their parents. Each machine can hold up to 20 or 30 gumballs so there’s more than enough for each person. It’s a great gift and is something to remind them of how great your wedding was.


  • Tiny Kissing Bells.

Ding-dong! Who knew something as simple as a bell could be made to look so classy and elegant too? These tiny, golden bells look good just as they are, but to complete the look, add tags and tie lovely ribbons (go with red!) on them and you’re all set to give them out as gifts.

And it’s fitting you give out bells as a gift, especially since the Belltower Chapel & Garden is playing host to the wonderful day. Give us a call and let us turn your wedding day into something worth magical fairy tales!