Deciding when to have your wedding in Texas is an important part of your wedding planning. For every couple, the decision is a unique one and that’s what makes it special. Factors like the availability of a venue, your wedding suppliers and also the idea of what you want your wedding day to look like, also influence this decision. Belltower Chapel & Gardens is a great location for your wedding in Dallas, Texas. We’ve decided to help by giving you a few tips on what we think are the best months for your wedding in Texas.

Texas, also known as the Lone Star State, is a warm place with a friendly atmosphere. Its name is even derived from the native people’s word for friends and allies. Texas is prone to severe weather and is considered one of the most tornado active states in the country.



  • April and May Await You

April and May are known for a lot of rainfall across the state. Winter is fairly mild, but can sometimes bring chilly below-freezing temperatures after sundown. In the summer, there is also a risk of hurricanes!

  • September and December Smile Upon You

The most peaceful season when it comes to the weather in Texas is fall. This is when we’d advise that you do your wedding ceremony. The months between September and December are comfortable temperature-wise and blooming flowers will be sure to make your ceremony very beautiful. This is even more perfect if you are planning an outdoor wedding.

Long mild evenings are highly frequent, but be sure to watch out for clashing dates with major sports events. Note, however, that fall is prime wedding time in Texas so your wedding prices might go up. You can avoid this if you book way ahead of time and you might even get discounts.

Belltower Chapel & Gardens is the best venue for your wedding in Fort Worth, Dallas, Texas. We have just the right amount of charm and splendor to make sure that your event remains evergreen in the memories of you and your guests. Don’t just take our word for it, why not schedule a visit, or pop in on any of our open house dates for September:

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