An Eco-friendly Wedding

Quite recently, the United Nations warned, that we are left with only 12 years to change our planet-destroying ways. This means that if significant steps are not taken towards stopping global warming within the next 12 years, the damage to our planet would then become irreversible. We all know that change begins with you. A great place to effect a personal change where global warming is concerned is with your wedding. Here are a few simple ways that you can make your wedding eco-friendly.

  • Go Vintage

Vintage, where your wedding is concerned, is a great way to reduce your overall energy consumption. For example, instead of all the excess electric lighting, you can find a way to incorporate candles into your theme. You can also choose to restore a vintage wedding dress and use it for your wedding ceremony, thereby saving the energy that would have been used to make a new one.

  • Rent Your Wedding Gown

Continuing in the vein of wedding gowns, you can rent the wedding gown or tux for your ceremony. Just remember that the less new wedding gowns that have to be made, the more energy saved. You can even use the rented wedding gown as the “Something borrowed” in your ceremony for good luck.

  • Donate Left-overs

One of the ways that you can help the planet, is to donate the left-overs from your wedding. Food banks all over the country make good use of this food, and will gladly pick them up from your venue after the reception.

  • Use Shuttles

One of the ways that you can save the planet during your wedding is by organizing shuttles to bring people to and from your wedding venue. This will mean fewer people are driving to the event, thus ensuring that your wedding has eliminated the carbon emission from their cars for that period.

  • Use Potted Plants

Rather than using cut flowers for your ceremony, why not try using potted plants? They live way beyond your wedding day and you would have eliminated the wastage of flowers.

  • Recycling

Try DIY favors instead of your regular wedding favors. You should also make sure that you use recycled paper for your invites, programs and menus. You can even cut your paper usage in more than half by sending e-invites and using a big screen at your event instead of programs. We’re rooting for you!

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