Frequently Asked Questions

How many guests can Belltower accommodate? +

Our sanctuary easily accommodates 200 guests. The reception hall and outdoor garden can both accommodate 200 guests cocktail style. Either location can seat 150 guests allowing for dancing and buffet tables. 180 is the maximum that can be accommodated without a dance area.

What is included with the facility rental? +

Detailed information is available on our Rates & Policies page.

Do you offer all-inclusive wedding packages? +

Belltower does not offer full-service wedding services such as catering, floral, photography, or music services. Instead, we offer an open vendor policy, that gives you the flexibility to choose your own vendors and maintain control of our budget. Vendors we know and trust can be found in the Vendor Boutique.

Can we rent only the chapel sanctuary for our ceremony? +

Check out our Ceremony Only Option.

What is the price for the use of only the reception hall? +

Our reception hall, sanctuary, and garden come as a package and pricing is not reduced if you choose to have only your reception at our venue.

When can I have my rehearsal? +

Rehearsals are confirmed within 8 weeks of your wedding date. Weddings can be scheduled any day of the week, therefore your rehearsal will most likely occur on a weekday. Rehearsals may not be scheduled on the day of your wedding. Unused rehearsal time may not be added to your rental period.

How long should I allow for setup? +

Most of our brides allow 1-2 hours for decor and vendor setup, based on the amount and complexity of their decor and food service.

Do you allow sparklers or floating lanterns? +

Regretfully, no; but neither should any Fort Worth wedding venue. The City of Fort Worth has advised that these items are illegal within Fort Worth city limits. For further information, see page 63, section 3308 of the city code.

I have a friend who is TABC certified. Can he/she serve as my bartender? +

Not if he/she is a wedding guest. Your bartender is expected to be on duty to service the bar and your guests throughout your reception and may not participate in the festivities. If your caterer does not provide your bartender we strongly recommend a staffing service so that your bartender is both TABC certifiied and insured.

I know police officers. Can they serve as my security officers? +

Liability issues require the use of Belltower’s security officers.  Our security officer’s are familiar with the property.

What is the cost of a bridal portrait session? +

Belltower brides receive a free two hour bridal portrait session with their rental(excludes Kiss Package and Ceremony Only rentals). These hours may not be be added to your rehearsal, consultation or event rental time. If you do not have an event booked at Belltower, you may book portrait appointments by the hour at $100/hour.

When can I schedule my portrait session at Belltower? +

Bridal portrait sessions may be scheduled Tuesday-Friday between 9:00 AM-5:00 PM, as our event schedule permits.

Do you have a preferred vendor list? +

A list of our vendor favorites can be found in our Vendor Boutique. The vendors listed there are familiar with our property and have previously provided excellent service and products. Caterers and DJ’s listed maintain their insurance on file with us. Belltower Chapel does not accept ”referral” fees.

Why do some my vendors need insurance? +

Accidents rarely happen but when they do, you don’t want to be held responsible for someone else’s actions! Your vendor’s liability insurance coverage not only protects our facility, it’s for your protection and that of your guests as well.

Caterers, DJ’s, photobooth, and any vendor or wedding party bringing large equipment into the facility must provide proof of liability insurance (limits listed in Belltower contract) and naming Belltower Chapel & Garden as certificate holder.

Do you require event liability insurance? +

Yes. Event liability insurance is a relatively inexpensive way to provide coverage for those rare times when an accident or the actions of your guests harm themselves, others, or the property for which you have responsibility during your rental. It is a requirement Event Insurance be purchased for the date of event limits are $1 million per occurrence, $2 million aggregate with $5K medical payments coverage, waiver of subrogation, liquor liability (if alcohol is being served) and Belltower Chapel & Garden named as additional insured.

Check our Vendor Boutique for a list of insurance providers.

What is Belltower’s Heat Index Policy, and what is its purpose? +

Belltower does not allow outdoor events when the day’s heat index reaches or exceeds 95 degrees. Our policy is in place to reduce risk of heat exhaustion for you, your guests and our staff.

The hottest part of the summer day is around 4:00 PM. Asphalt and concrete store heat during the day and only gradually release it at night. Sunset is late in summer resulting in higher nighttime temperatures. The risk of heat-related illness dramatically increases when the heat index climbs to 90 degrees or more. It is important—especially during heat waves—to pay attention to the reported heat index and to remember that it is even higher when you are standing in full sunshine. Visit the National Weather Service at for more information.

Do I have to use your caterer(s)? +

Belltower’s open vendor policy allows brides to select their own caterer and other vendors without an additional fee. However, caterers, DJ’s and vendors bringing in large equipment must provide proof of liability insurance coverage.

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