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4 Ways to Incorporate Apples into Your Wedding Day

Nothing says “fall” more than apples do. This universally appreciated fruit lies at the quintessence of everything fall is about: abundance, color, and flavor – so why not include it in your wedding in unique and surprising ways?

We have gathered some of the best apple-infused ideas you could bring into your Big Day – so read on and find out more if you’re looking for inspiration.


  • Serve some apple cider. With weather getting chillier over the next couple of months, you want to make sure everyone at your wedding will feel fully comfortable from a temperature-related point of view. Hot apple cider drinks are just perfect for the season: they boast with flavor and they include the one fruit that rules Fall, apples. What more would you want from your special wedding drink?
  • Use them as cake décor. Fresh flowers are fine, but how about fresh fruit as wedding cake décor? You can leave the apples natural for a naked cake, for example. Or you could cover an apple in fondant for a fondant-covered cake – it will look elegant and unique, and it will place your elegant wedding cake right in the middle of the season.
  • Use them as escort cards. Create a generous arrangement with apples and stick your escort cards in them – it’s such a nice idea for a wedding inspired by the rustic-chic style! Not only will you offer guests their escort cards, but you will offer them a really healthy, nutritious and delicious snack as well – the kind nobody can ever refuse!
  • Serve caramel apples. Looking for a sweet and much appreciated late night snack? One of the best seasonal treats you can offer are caramel apples – the kind of snack that will be really sweet and energizing for the guests (enough for them to dance throughout the next couple of hours too).
  • Include them in your bouquet. Bridal bouquets that incorporate fruit are very popular during Fall – and what better fruit could you choose for this, other than the quintessentially autumn-infused apple? There are many ways to make this work in wonderful ways, so don’t be afraid to use your creativity!


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