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4 Ways to Incorporate Apples into Your Wedding Day

Nothing says “fall” more than apples do. This universally appreciated fruit lies at the quintessence of everything fall is about: abundance, color, and flavor – so why not include it in your wedding in unique and surprising ways?

We have gathered some of the best apple-infused ideas you could bring into your Big Day – so read on and find out more if you’re looking for inspiration.


  • Serve some apple cider. With weather getting chillier over the next couple of months, you want to make sure everyone at your wedding will feel fully comfortable from a temperature-related point of view. Hot apple cider drinks are just perfect for the season: they boast with flavor and they include the one fruit that rules Fall, apples. What more would you want from your special wedding drink?
  • Use them as cake décor. Fresh flowers are fine, but how about fresh fruit as wedding cake décor? You can leave the apples natural for a naked cake, for example. Or you could cover an apple in fondant for a fondant-covered cake – it will look elegant and unique, and it will place your elegant wedding cake right in the middle of the season.
  • Use them as escort cards. Create a generous arrangement with apples and stick your escort cards in them – it’s such a nice idea for a wedding inspired by the rustic-chic style! Not only will you offer guests their escort cards, but you will offer them a really healthy, nutritious and delicious snack as well – the kind nobody can ever refuse!
  • Serve caramel apples. Looking for a sweet and much appreciated late night snack? One of the best seasonal treats you can offer are caramel apples – the kind of snack that will be really sweet and energizing for the guests (enough for them to dance throughout the next couple of hours too).
  • Include them in your bouquet. Bridal bouquets that incorporate fruit are very popular during Fall – and what better fruit could you choose for this, other than the quintessentially autumn-infused apple? There are many ways to make this work in wonderful ways, so don’t be afraid to use your creativity!


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Fall Bride? You Will LOVE These Table Décor Ideas!

With August almost over, we all know summer is on its way out – but that’s no reason for sadness, not at all! Fall is an amazing season from so many points of view, and many of you are probably planning amazing fall weddings.

If you’re a fall bride, you definitely want your fall wedding décor to be fully incorporated in the amazing season outside. But what are some of the prettiest fall table décor ideas out there? We have gathered some superb ideas for you – so read on and find out more.


  • Pull off the perfect purple arrangements. Ultra Violet still is the Color of the Year, but if you want to incorporate it in a fall wedding, you will have to be quite careful about the ways in which you can do this. Our suggestion is to make sure your purple floral accents match something else on the table too – such as your napkins, for example. Don’t go overboard with the purple in the floral arrangements either – combine it with green, dark pink, and burgundy for perfect balance and everything will look amazing!
  • Mirroring ceiling arrangements. Match your centerpieces on the table with similar hanging floral décor for an effect that will WOW every single guest. Fall is a season of opulence and grace, and this kind of décor is bound to reflect that in a stunning, elegant, and very unique way.
  • Pretty pastels. Just because it’s fall outside, it doesn’t mean you can’t use your favorite pastel color anymore. Combine it with natural wooden elements to create an earthy and natural effect that goes perfectly well with the season outside. It will all look so, so pretty!
  • Go all black. Whoever said black isn’t wedding appropriate, clearly didn’t know what they were talking about. In fact, if you want to create a completely amazing effect and if you want a truly elegant, timeless, and chic table décor, you should definitely go all black. From the table linens to the plates, pick everything in beautiful black and combine it with pink and green florals that will beautifully add a pop of color.


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