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The Most Important Things to Do While Prepping for Your Wedding Day

Wedding planning can be exhilarating, stressful, and a completely unique experience all at once. It is quite easy to understand why many brides find this to be one of the most difficult things in their lives.

Believe it or not, the most important things to do before the wedding have nothing to do with the menu, the colors, the dress, or the music itself. But they do have everything with you, your mental health, and your ability to actually enjoy this special day in your life.

What are the single most important things brides should do before the Big Day?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Start eating healthy. Contrary to popular belief, this is not even about weight loss – it is about being healthy and strong and full of energy. It is about feeding your body as if it was a temple and caring for it to the utmost levels. It is about loving yourself and radiating health from inside out. Focus on traditional healthy eating instead of any fad diet – focus on lean protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats. Focus on clean food that nourishes every inch of your body!
  • Work out. Again, not about weight loss. This too is about keeping your physical body in prim condition. It is about releasing the stress and allowing happiness hormones to roam free through your body. It is about feeling good in your own skin and about allowing your mental health to take the right path. It is about allowing every muscle in your body to be strong and healthy. Work your way through a combination of cardio and strength training exercises and allow your body to be at its best from every point of view.
  • Take breaks. Wedding planning can be tiresome especially at mental level – so it is important for you to take breaks at least every now and again. Watch a movie, read a book, go out on a trip with your loved one, meditate – take care of your soul and brain the same as you take care of your body. This will allow you to radiate happiness and joy on your wedding day.


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The Most Unique Ideas for Your Wedding First Look

Having a First Look session has grown to be quite popular in the last few years – and, unless you want to follow tradition, it can be a really good idea for you for a multitude of reasons. It can be a great way to shoot some nice photos, it can create emotional memories, and it can offer you and your loved one the chance to unwind and de-stress before the beginning of the Big Day.

How to pull off a memorable first look?

We have some tips for you – keep reading and find out more.

  • Have some fun. Usually, the First Look is the moment the groom sees the bride all dressed up for the Big Day. But if you want your photos to be unique and if you feel that this suits your style, why not make it a humorous moment? You could come out dressed in your PJs, or even wearing a funny costume. We guarantee you will have a blast – and it will all be caught in photography for the many, many years to come!
  • Share the moment. If you and your bridesmaids and groomsmen are very close, why not make this a group moment? It’s a wonderful opportunity to include your friends in one of the most special moments of the wedding – and a wonderful way to catch them in some pretty unique photos as well.
  • A family First Look. How about you create this special moment for you and your father, your mother, or your close family? This is a wonderful way to maintain tradition (and have the groom see you for the first time when you walk down the aisle), but still have a First Look wedding photo shoot.
  • Play with some props. How about shooting some photos with balloons, or other types of special props? It can be really fun and it can help you incorporate your entire wedding theme into the photo shooting as well. Plus, it can help you ease off some of the anxiety as well, as you will have something to distract you a little from the thousand and one thoughts going through your head.


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These Mistakes Are Very Common for Brides and Grooms – Avoid Them!

With so many things to handle, it is quite easy to make mistakes as a bride or groom. Most of them are trifles and nobody will actually mind them – but there are some etiquette mistakes you should do everything in your power to avoid.

What are they?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • You keep thinking of what others will think – and in the process, lose yourself. Let’s get this straight: except for a handful of etiquette rules that are connected to how you make your guests feel, you have freedom of choice with pretty much everything else. Don’t want a white dress? Go ahead. Don’t want a classic song for your wedding exit? As long as your officiant allows it, go ahead. Create an event that suits you.
  • You buy the dress way too soon, before you even have a venue in mind. Yes, you should start searching for your wedding dress as soon as possible, but not before you choose the venue. The reason? The venue will dictate the style, the length of the veil and the length of the train, as well as a series of details connected to your dress and accessories.
  • You are too strict with your social media rules. People dress up nicely for your wedding and they come there to have fun – and yes, this might mean that they will want to share one or two photos on their Insta as well. Allow them to do this. Ask them not to post anything until the wedding is over and ask them not to shoot photos during the ceremony – but don’t completely forbid them from using social media to share their favorite photos.
  • You feel that you absolutely must wear an updo. No, you don’t. Yes, updos are elegant – but they are not the only style you can wear on your wedding day. Half up half down styles and even letting all your hair down are options just as viable as an updo. As mentioned in the beginning, feel free to wear what makes you feel good!


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3 Ways to Make Your Wedding More Personal

As the bride and groom, you want your wedding to be absolutely fantastic. Beyond all trends and rules, though, you want your wedding to be unique and memorable in every sense of the word.

How do you do that? How do you create a personal, original wedding everyone will love?

We have some tips for you – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Do you have a favorite movie or book? You can always bring that into your wedding day by sprinkling the entire décor and the entire concept behind the wedding with your favorite parts of that movie or book. For instance, if you like The Lord of the Rings, you can name tables after the main characters and you can even create a menu worthy of grand hobbit dinner. People will be charmed!
  • The food you love. Food is a great way to bring people together, but did you know it can be a great way to tell your story as well? If you and your loved on have foods you really like, talk to your catering service about this. Also, if you have foods you discovered in your trips together, or if you have trips that are connected to your heritage or places that marked your relationship, you can bring this into your wedding menu too. If they aren’t easy to work in the menu, you can always create welcome bags with these foods. Don’t forget to attach a note telling the story of each snack in the welcome bag and every special food in your menu.
  • Paint it in your…colors. You don’t have to be a super-talented artist to pull together paintings that will speak about your relationship. You can do a lot of things – from having fun and painting each other (and then displaying the works of art during the Big Day) to simply playing with colors on a canvas and using that as the backdrop for the sweethearts table, for the dessert table, or even for the actual wedding ceremony.


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Here Are Some Fitness Tips All Brides Should Know

Your wedding day is a very special day in your life – so you want to be prepared to look and feel at your very best.

Of course, picking a beautiful wedding dress and coordinating it with the perfect accessories is all very important. But beyond this, beauty comes from the inside – and fitness and health should definitely be among your priorities as a bride to be.

What are some of the tips you should know about bridal fitness? Read on and find out more.

  • Start small. If you do not have the healthiest eating and working out habits right now, don’t jump head first into eating vegetarian salads with kale and working out 7 days a week. This is simply not feasible and it will make you more likely to drop off sooner, rather than later. Instead, make small steps towards your goal, such as working out three times a week, eating smaller portions, and replacing saturated fats and simple carbohydrates with healthier alternatives.
  • Drink water. Yes, we know this is something you have read and heard about a million times before, but the reason it keeps being repeated is that it is very important. Your body is 70% water, so yes, you absolutely need to make sure you fuel it with proper hydration. That means you should drink more water and unsweetened teas and less coffee, carbonated drinks, and unhealthy drinks in general.
  • Stay balanced. Wedding planning is a stressful time – but you should try to maintain yourself as balanced as possible. Stress can trigger unhealthy eating habits, it can make you drop out of your workout routine, and it can heavily influence your overall health. When things get too tough, just take a break – take your fiancé or your besties and just go out to relax. It will help you see things much clearer!
  • Choose the right type of workout. You shouldn’t go into running marathons if that is something you simply don’t like. Instead, create a mix of workouts you actually enjoy: gym workouts, aerobics, Pilates, Yoga, Tae-Bo, or even dancing. This will definitely help you stick to your routine!


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These Yummy Wedding Favors Will Be Appreciated by Everyone

There are a thousand and one ways you can show your guests you truly appreciate their presence at your wedding – and one of the most popular ones is by offering them small tokens of gratitude, wedding favors.

Of all types of favors offered at weddings, the edible ones are always appreciated – precisely because they offer guests a real treat.

What are some of the yummiest wedding favor ideas your guests will definitely appreciate?

Read on and find out more, we have gathered the top most inspiring ideas.

  • While doughnut towers may be a bit passé at this point, there’s nobody to stop you from including this delicious dessert into your wedding in the form of a wedding favor. Shaped as hearts or as X’s and O’s, doughnuts are the kind of treat none of your wedding guests can say “no” to. Offer them in adorable personalized doughnut boxes and everyone will love it!
  • Homemade honey. Love is sweeter than honey – but if you want to remind your guests about that, the closest thing to sweetness of love you can offer is honey. Be sure to personalize these little jars of pure, sweet happiness – you can get really creative with the message on it, so don’t be afraid to think out of the box.
  • Want to offer your guests a savory favor they will want to munch on right away? Pretty bags of popcorn with a fun message on them are bound to be a hit with everyone – so don’t hesitate to offer this unique wedding favor.
  • Homemade cookies. If you have a special cookie recipe, don’t be afraid to include it in your wedding as a favor. Guests will definitely appreciate the personal touch (and the deliciousness of the favor, of course)!
  • Mini boxes of fruit. If you want to have a summer wedding, we can’t think of a better wedding favor, other than a mini box filled with seasonal fruit. Such a healthy, delicious, and flavorful gift to offer to those who took their time to come and celebrate with you this ultra-special day!


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Inspiring Ideas for your Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Your bridesmaids deserve the very best – they were there when you got engaged, giggling with you and feeling genuinely amazed by the beauty of the ring, and they were there when things got rough with your wedding planning too. You definitely want them to look radiant on the Big Day!

What are some of the best and most inspiring ideas for your bridesmaids’ dresses?

We have some tips for you – keep reading and find out more.

  • Long, flowy lavender dresses. Nothing says “summer fragrance” more than lavender does. If you want to infuse your wedding with this wonderful color and fragrance, be sure to coordinate your color theme with your bridesmaids’ dresses too! Flowy dresses with halter-top necklines work wonderfully for elegant summer weddings that keep a light touch to everything, from attires to décor.
  • Tiffany blue posh dresses. Nothing says “I love fashion” more than a Tiffany blue. There’s something magical and dreamy about it, something high end and casual at the same time, something timeless in the purest sense of the word. Dress your bridesmaids in silk Tiffany blue gowns with a simple cut – they will absolutely love it!
  • Dusty rose and boho chic. Dusty pink shades are all the rage in 2019, so if you are looking for a delicate color to complement the beauty of your bridesmaids, pick a dusty rose. It works with pretty much every skin tone, and it fits a boho chic style in a way nothing else can. Such a lovely color, such lovely vibes sent by it!
  • Peachy sweetness in light A-line gowns. Living Coral is the declared Pantone Color of the Year 2019, so you are bound to find a lot of wedding accessories and wedding themes connecting into this beautiful color. If you want your bridesmaids to go hand in hand with the trendiest color of the year, choose a sweet peach color for their dresses. Paired with A-line cuts and a light fabric, these dresses will scream “summer” from a mile away – and they will definitely complement your bridesmaids’ natural beauty too!


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These Tips Are Quite Crucial for the Perfect Wedding Reception

Every single moment of your wedding day in Fort Worth deserves to be amazing, no matter how you look at it. From the moment you wake up on the Big Day and to the moment you leave for your honeymoon sunset, you want every second to be perfect.

What are some of the tips that will make the entirety of your wedding reception feel unforgettable?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Take a good walk through your venue. Once you have your eyes set on a venue, be sure to take a trip down there. This will help you determine which parts of the wedding venue you want to highlight with your décor – it could be the staircase, the hall, or any other part(s) of the venue you like and would like to decorate in a special way.
  • Lighting can play a very important role. Good lighting can upgrade your entire wedding venue and wedding ambiance in a way nothing else can. Regardless of whether you choose to use fairy lights, lanterns, or more modern lighting (such as gobo lights for example), lighting will play a huge role in the overall ambiance of your Big Day. Use it wisely!
  • Details can make a difference. We don’t want you to stress over the small things – but once the larger elements are set in place, take some time to think of the small details – such as the boxes or wrapping you will choose for the wedding favors, the napkins on the table, and so on.
  • Save time. You want to spend your wedding day celebrating and having fun – not traveling from the ceremony site to the reception venue. Therefore, it’s always best to choose a venue that can provide you with both the ceremony site and the reception space – it will save you time, it will save your guests time, and it will help you avoid anyone gets lost on their way from the ceremony to the reception. It is, truly, a win-win situation!


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What Are Some Tasks the Father of the Bride Can Help with?

Your dad is one of the most precious people in your life – and it makes all the sense in the world that you want him to feel really amazing on the Big Day.

How do you do that?

By making him feel included, of course!

Your dad can help with so many parts of the wedding that it would be a real pity not to include him in at least some of the tasks.

What are the ones your father can do best?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • The financials. Traditionally, the mother and father of the bride are in charge with planning and paying for both the wedding reception and the wedding breakfast. Sure, these days, the costs are split between all parents and the couple (and very frequently covered 100% by the couple too). But even if your dad isn’t paying for the wedding, allowing him to handle the budget can help you steer clear of all the stress that comes with it. Plus, he will be more than happy to play such an important role in the whole wedding planning process!
  • The logistics. Hotel rooms, transportation, which guests comes and leaves when – your dad sure has a mind for logistics and organization. So why not make him feel really included in the planning process, while taking this burden off your chest too? You don’t want to worry about guest transportation on the Big Day – but your dad will happily do this for you!
  • The speech. This is not a wedding planning task per se, but a part your dad will most likely LOVE to play in the wedding. Giving your father a chance to say some words at the beginning of the wedding reception will surely bring tears to your eyes (and to your guests’ eyes too). From the moment he finds out he will give a speech to the moment it actually happens, your dad will be SO excited to do this – and he will definitely pull off a truly amazing moment!


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Your Groom Will Be Delighted with Any of These Amazing Gift Ideas!

Your wedding day is slowly approaching – and you want it to be perfect from head to finish.

Of course, there are still many things to plan – but don’t forget about a sweet gift to pamper your loved one!

Following, we have gathered some luxury gift ideas that will definitely make your groom feel special on his Big Day – so read on if you are looking for inspiration.


  • Something to drink (with the boys or not). Send him a bottle of his favorite drink or something luxurious on the morning of the Big Day and he will definitely love it! It could be a bottle of good whiskey, or even a bottle of champagne – regardless of what it is, make sure it’s something he genuinely likes (and don’t forget to include a short note with it too).
  • Leather products. There’s nothing as timeless as good leather – and we bet your guy will love it! This kind of gift can age very well and it can be worn on more than one occasion, while still being luxurious and attractive. A belt, a wallet, or even a leather duffel bag (for the honeymoon, of course) – these are just some of the products that could make your groom’s Big Day even better!
  • A good scent. Not only will he love wearing your gifted perfume on the Big Day, but every time he feels this scent again, he will associate it with the wonderful emotions of this special event in his life. You just cannot go wrong with this one, especially if you know his taste in fragrances!
  • Luxury cufflinks. If you know your groom hasn’t picked a pair of boutonnieres just yet, this could be a wonderful gift. Sure, you might have to give it to him in advance (just to make sure he doesn’t buy one meanwhile).
  • A luxury watch. Give your loved one a timepiece that is timeless and he is bound to love it! This kind of accessory will accompany him not only on the Big Day itself, but well beyond that as well – and it will always remind him of you and of your special event.


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