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3 Ways to Make Your Wedding More Personal

As the bride and groom, you want your wedding to be absolutely fantastic. Beyond all trends and rules, though, you want your wedding to be unique and memorable in every sense of the word.

How do you do that? How do you create a personal, original wedding everyone will love?

We have some tips for you – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Do you have a favorite movie or book? You can always bring that into your wedding day by sprinkling the entire décor and the entire concept behind the wedding with your favorite parts of that movie or book. For instance, if you like The Lord of the Rings, you can name tables after the main characters and you can even create a menu worthy of grand hobbit dinner. People will be charmed!
  • The food you love. Food is a great way to bring people together, but did you know it can be a great way to tell your story as well? If you and your loved on have foods you really like, talk to your catering service about this. Also, if you have foods you discovered in your trips together, or if you have trips that are connected to your heritage or places that marked your relationship, you can bring this into your wedding menu too. If they aren’t easy to work in the menu, you can always create welcome bags with these foods. Don’t forget to attach a note telling the story of each snack in the welcome bag and every special food in your menu.
  • Paint it in your…colors. You don’t have to be a super-talented artist to pull together paintings that will speak about your relationship. You can do a lot of things – from having fun and painting each other (and then displaying the works of art during the Big Day) to simply playing with colors on a canvas and using that as the backdrop for the sweethearts table, for the dessert table, or even for the actual wedding ceremony.


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These Yummy Wedding Favors Will Be Appreciated by Everyone

There are a thousand and one ways you can show your guests you truly appreciate their presence at your wedding – and one of the most popular ones is by offering them small tokens of gratitude, wedding favors.

Of all types of favors offered at weddings, the edible ones are always appreciated – precisely because they offer guests a real treat.

What are some of the yummiest wedding favor ideas your guests will definitely appreciate?

Read on and find out more, we have gathered the top most inspiring ideas.

  • While doughnut towers may be a bit passé at this point, there’s nobody to stop you from including this delicious dessert into your wedding in the form of a wedding favor. Shaped as hearts or as X’s and O’s, doughnuts are the kind of treat none of your wedding guests can say “no” to. Offer them in adorable personalized doughnut boxes and everyone will love it!
  • Homemade honey. Love is sweeter than honey – but if you want to remind your guests about that, the closest thing to sweetness of love you can offer is honey. Be sure to personalize these little jars of pure, sweet happiness – you can get really creative with the message on it, so don’t be afraid to think out of the box.
  • Want to offer your guests a savory favor they will want to munch on right away? Pretty bags of popcorn with a fun message on them are bound to be a hit with everyone – so don’t hesitate to offer this unique wedding favor.
  • Homemade cookies. If you have a special cookie recipe, don’t be afraid to include it in your wedding as a favor. Guests will definitely appreciate the personal touch (and the deliciousness of the favor, of course)!
  • Mini boxes of fruit. If you want to have a summer wedding, we can’t think of a better wedding favor, other than a mini box filled with seasonal fruit. Such a healthy, delicious, and flavorful gift to offer to those who took their time to come and celebrate with you this ultra-special day!


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Inspiring Ideas for your Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Your bridesmaids deserve the very best – they were there when you got engaged, giggling with you and feeling genuinely amazed by the beauty of the ring, and they were there when things got rough with your wedding planning too. You definitely want them to look radiant on the Big Day!

What are some of the best and most inspiring ideas for your bridesmaids’ dresses?

We have some tips for you – keep reading and find out more.

  • Long, flowy lavender dresses. Nothing says “summer fragrance” more than lavender does. If you want to infuse your wedding with this wonderful color and fragrance, be sure to coordinate your color theme with your bridesmaids’ dresses too! Flowy dresses with halter-top necklines work wonderfully for elegant summer weddings that keep a light touch to everything, from attires to décor.
  • Tiffany blue posh dresses. Nothing says “I love fashion” more than a Tiffany blue. There’s something magical and dreamy about it, something high end and casual at the same time, something timeless in the purest sense of the word. Dress your bridesmaids in silk Tiffany blue gowns with a simple cut – they will absolutely love it!
  • Dusty rose and boho chic. Dusty pink shades are all the rage in 2019, so if you are looking for a delicate color to complement the beauty of your bridesmaids, pick a dusty rose. It works with pretty much every skin tone, and it fits a boho chic style in a way nothing else can. Such a lovely color, such lovely vibes sent by it!
  • Peachy sweetness in light A-line gowns. Living Coral is the declared Pantone Color of the Year 2019, so you are bound to find a lot of wedding accessories and wedding themes connecting into this beautiful color. If you want your bridesmaids to go hand in hand with the trendiest color of the year, choose a sweet peach color for their dresses. Paired with A-line cuts and a light fabric, these dresses will scream “summer” from a mile away – and they will definitely complement your bridesmaids’ natural beauty too!


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4 Ways to Incorporate Apples into Your Wedding Day

Nothing says “fall” more than apples do. This universally appreciated fruit lies at the quintessence of everything fall is about: abundance, color, and flavor – so why not include it in your wedding in unique and surprising ways?

We have gathered some of the best apple-infused ideas you could bring into your Big Day – so read on and find out more if you’re looking for inspiration.


  • Serve some apple cider. With weather getting chillier over the next couple of months, you want to make sure everyone at your wedding will feel fully comfortable from a temperature-related point of view. Hot apple cider drinks are just perfect for the season: they boast with flavor and they include the one fruit that rules Fall, apples. What more would you want from your special wedding drink?
  • Use them as cake décor. Fresh flowers are fine, but how about fresh fruit as wedding cake décor? You can leave the apples natural for a naked cake, for example. Or you could cover an apple in fondant for a fondant-covered cake – it will look elegant and unique, and it will place your elegant wedding cake right in the middle of the season.
  • Use them as escort cards. Create a generous arrangement with apples and stick your escort cards in them – it’s such a nice idea for a wedding inspired by the rustic-chic style! Not only will you offer guests their escort cards, but you will offer them a really healthy, nutritious and delicious snack as well – the kind nobody can ever refuse!
  • Serve caramel apples. Looking for a sweet and much appreciated late night snack? One of the best seasonal treats you can offer are caramel apples – the kind of snack that will be really sweet and energizing for the guests (enough for them to dance throughout the next couple of hours too).
  • Include them in your bouquet. Bridal bouquets that incorporate fruit are very popular during Fall – and what better fruit could you choose for this, other than the quintessentially autumn-infused apple? There are many ways to make this work in wonderful ways, so don’t be afraid to use your creativity!


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The Most Common (and Slightly Overused) Wedding Trends of 2018

Your Fort Worth wedding is supposed to be just as unique as your love story itself – and while some wedding trends might definitely help you create a totally special event, there are some trends you might want to avoid (not because they aren’t beautiful in their own right, but because they have been heavily overused).

What are some of the most common wedding trends of 2018? We have gathered them right below – so read on if you want to find out more.


  • Having a lot of bridesmaids. Of course, you want to include all of your dear friends in the wedding day – but that doesn’t mean you should have a dozen bridesmaids. Generally speaking, the number of guests is correlated with the number of bridesmaids – so take that into consideration if you want to make sure you don’t include too many bridesmaids.
  • Flower walls. These were (and still are) really beautiful and impressive, and they can definitely add a really nice note to your wedding. However, since they have been heavily overused over the course of the last year, you might want to avoid this idea because it might feel “old” already.
  • Overly decorated wedding cakes. Sure, you want your cake to really stand out – it’s understandable, given that this is a special element of the Big Day. However, going too over the top with your wedding cake might not be a great idea – this trend was very frequent in 2018 and a lot of couples have already (over) used it. If you want something genuinely unique, you might want to adopt a different wedding cake trend.
  • Doughnut walls (and other variations). Yes, they look very appealing and yes, they were quite the unique idea when they first started to pop here and there – but since a lot of couples incorporated them in their own wedding, they have grown to be quite overused. Doughnuts themselves will never go out of style – but our advice is to find a different method to present them (guests will definitely enjoy snacking on this sweet treat during the Big Day!).


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Wedding Comfort Foods: To Serve or Not to Serve?

Wedding trends come and go – but, at the end of the day, you and your loved one have the last say. YOU have to love your wedding first and foremost, precisely because this is a celebration of YOUR love story.

Take, for instance, the wedding comfort food trend. Should you consider it? Or should you leave it for other couples? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • Classic comfort foods are great from multiple points of view. They are staple foods everyone can relate to. They can be upgraded with high-quality ingredients and a very good cooking method. They are relatable, fun, and delicious. They feel like a real treat. Ultimately, they cost way less than most of the fancier dishes as well.
  • On the other hand, if you want a ballroom wedding, serving pizza may not be an option. You can do this, of course, but our advice is to serve it as a late-night surprise snack to make your wedding stand out from the crowd, rather than as a stand-alone dish.
  • If, however, you want to have a casual wedding, you can incorporate a lot of fun, famous comfort foods. From mashed potatoes food stations to pizza, mini burgers, mini sandwiches with fried chicken, potato salad, soup shooters, and even mac and cheese “spoonfuls”, there’s something for just about everyone. Serve them during the wedding or at the end, as a late-night snack and your guests will surely be delighted!


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Elegant Wedding Favor Ideas

Are cupcakes, cheesy refrigerator magnets, and takeaway boxes with sweets all there is to wedding favors? Can you actually find something more unique, something that suits your wedding style better, something more elegant?

Well, the good news is that yes, there are a lot of wedding favor ideas that are inherently pretty and elegant, and you can personalize them according to your own taste. Here are some of our favorite ideas:


  • Mason jars filled with goodies. OK, they may be slightly overused, but mason jars are so versatile it’s hard to resist them! Plus, they can be customized in really pretty ways and they can be filled with pretty much everything there is: from local honey to homemade jam and even ingredients for delicious one-serving cakes.
  • Bottle openers with personality. Everyone likes a good bottle opener – so why not offer your guests something they will definitely use and which will always remind them of your wedding? You can find some pretty elegant designs out there – and you can have them customized with your monogram, wedding date, or simply a cute symbol.
  • Fancy salt and pepper shaker sets. Again, something people simply cannot resist, especially when they look good and when they are really trendy. From adorable pineapple-shaped sets to basic, minimalist salt and pepper shakers, there’s something for every type of couple, every type of wedding, and every type of wedding guest. Have them inscribed with your initials to add a bit of your own love story to the mix!


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Choose the perfect theme to create your wedding day

Choosing a beautiful theme for your wedding day is one of the best ways to make sure it all looks wonderful, well-balanced and unique. And yet, with so many options to pick from, deciding on the perfect wedding theme can be quite difficult and stressful.

How to do it? How to choose the right theme for your Big Day? Here are some of the best ideas to consider:


  • If you want to keep it simple, but still want to make sure your wedding’s details are beautifully pulled together, choose a seasonal theme. Bring elements of your wedding season into the décor, drinks, menu and even into the attires – and it will all look gorgeous!
  • Many brides choose to have a more modern wedding and focus on contemporary details when creating the décor for their Big Days. There are many wedding themes that fall under the “contemporary” category, but the minimalist one is by far one of the most popular. Bright colors that work well together, clear lines, simplicity with a few accents here and there – these are some of the most popularly embraced minimalist wedding elements.
  • Planning a sophisticated wedding? A vintage theme will be perfect, then! You can either settle for a generally vintage appeal, or, if you want to take this further, you can choose a particular decade or era to “steal” inspiration from: The Roaring Twenties, Victorian, Bohemian-Chic 60s, and so on. Your creativity is really the only limit you have!

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