The Cure for Pre-wedding Jitters

Flowers have various fragrances, shapes, colors and meanings and you can choose them for your wedding depending on cost, personal preferences, color themes or their meanings. You can also choose to use one flower completely or have a mixture with other flowers.



If your theme is to celebrate beauty at your wedding, then you can go for Roses, Carla Lilies, Peonies or Ranunculus. Roses celebrate beauty and love and come in many colors like white, cream, yellow, orange, pink (Both dark and pale), red, burgundy, etc. They grow year-round too.

Calla lilies on the other hand show extreme beauty and are available in the same colors as the Roses above. They also grow year-round too.

Peonies stand for delicate beauty, are available normally in the spring and come in white, cream, peach, pink and burgundy. While Ranunculus are a cost-effective alternative to Roses or Peonies and also represent beauty/ dazzling charm.

If you are going for celebrating happiness, Tulips and Stephanotis carry the theme. Tulips celebrate happy years ahead, while Stephanotis come only in white and stand for marital happiness.

If your wish is to celebrate lasting happiness, Sweet Peas are the flowers to go for and they come in white, cream, apricot, pink (both pale and dark), red, lavender and purple.

Where pride, dignity or showiness is the theme you want to portray, you should go for the Amaryllis, Dahlia or Lisianthus. You can get the Amaryllis in colors white, yellow, green, pink, red or burgundy and they represent pride.

Dahlias portray dignity with a spicy scent and come in white, yellow, orange, pink and purple.

If you have big expectations for your marriage, Anemones are a great way to show that and you can get them in white, pink, purple, magenta or burgundy.

If you are enthusiastic or optimistic, Bouvardias or Chrysanthemum is the flower to show that. While Bouvardias standing for enthusiasm, Chrysanthemums portray optimism. Bouvardias only come in white, peach, pink and red while Chrysanthemums can be found in white, yellow, green, orange, russet, red and burgundy.

If your wish is for your wedding to strongly show contentment, Camellias are the flowers that should be dominant or in centerpieces. But note that they only come in white, cream, pink or red.

Where you want your wedding theme to be devotion or loyalty and admiration, you can go for Hydrangeas or Sunflowers. Hydrangeas to show devotion and Sunflowers for the theme of loyalty and admiration.

A theme of fascination can be represented using Carnations, while modesty and respect are shown by Cosmos and Daffodils respectively. Carnations can either be speckled or come in white, yellow, pink, or red.

Cosmos, on the other hand, only comes in white, pink and chocolate. Daffodils come in white, yellow, apricot and orange.

A theme portraying innocence should have flowers like Daisies or Freesias in abundance. Daisies only come in white while Freesias are available in most colors except blue.

Luxury can also be the theme you choose to portray and the flowers to show that are Orchids. Orchids come in a variety of white, yellow, green, apricot, orange, pink, red and burgundy.

If however, your plan is to celebrate friendship, Zinnias are the flowers for you and come in yellow, green, orange, pink or red.

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