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The Most Unique Ideas for Your Wedding First Look

Having a First Look session has grown to be quite popular in the last few years – and, unless you want to follow tradition, it can be a really good idea for you for a multitude of reasons. It can be a great way to shoot some nice photos, it can create emotional memories, and it can offer you and your loved one the chance to unwind and de-stress before the beginning of the Big Day.

How to pull off a memorable first look?

We have some tips for you – keep reading and find out more.

  • Have some fun. Usually, the First Look is the moment the groom sees the bride all dressed up for the Big Day. But if you want your photos to be unique and if you feel that this suits your style, why not make it a humorous moment? You could come out dressed in your PJs, or even wearing a funny costume. We guarantee you will have a blast – and it will all be caught in photography for the many, many years to come!
  • Share the moment. If you and your bridesmaids and groomsmen are very close, why not make this a group moment? It’s a wonderful opportunity to include your friends in one of the most special moments of the wedding – and a wonderful way to catch them in some pretty unique photos as well.
  • A family First Look. How about you create this special moment for you and your father, your mother, or your close family? This is a wonderful way to maintain tradition (and have the groom see you for the first time when you walk down the aisle), but still have a First Look wedding photo shoot.
  • Play with some props. How about shooting some photos with balloons, or other types of special props? It can be really fun and it can help you incorporate your entire wedding theme into the photo shooting as well. Plus, it can help you ease off some of the anxiety as well, as you will have something to distract you a little from the thousand and one thoughts going through your head.


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