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These Are the 2018 Trends for Wedding Favors

Offering wedding favors is not an absolute must for your wedding – especially if you are running on a tighter budget. However, if you decide to leave guests with a small attention to show them how grateful you are for their presence at your wedding, you definitely want to make this just as memorable as the rest of the Big Day too.

What are some of the 2018 wedding trends in terms of favors? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • Making donations. This is a genuine, wonderful gesture your guests will more than appreciate! Leaving a note on each of your guest’s plate placement to let them know a donation has been made in their name for a cause you believe in is truthful, beautiful, and honorable. We guarantee people will like the idea!
  • Instead of offering each guest a cupcake or a couple of cookies wrapped nicely, why not allow them to help themselves? Serving candy bars and popcorn bars with takeaway containers is a great way of showing guests they are really, really sweet for having attended your wedding!
  • Turn it in a full-size welcome bag. Planning a destination wedding? If you have a larger budget, turn your wedding favors in actual welcome bags. There are a lot of things you can include here, from homemade goodies from the area to natural and bio cosmetic products (such as lip balms, for example). Use your creativity, you can really go wild on this one!


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