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These Flower Based Wedding Favors Are Gorgeous!

Your wedding should be a memorable event for everyone invited. The décor you set up, the food you plan, the music playing during the dance party – they will all make for unforgettable memories, both for you and for your guests.

Of course, you want to show your guests how much their presence means to you as well – and wedding favors are a sweet way to do that.

Have you considered flower based wedding favors, though? If not, you should, because they look amazing!

Here are some of the best wedding favor ideas based on flowers:


  • Little pots of succulents. It seems that the entire world fell in love with succulents – but the great news is that they can be more than just wedding décor if you like them. How about offering little pots with succulents to your guests as wedding favors? To make them more special, you could personalize the pots with cute words, your wedding monogram, or simply your wedding date.
  • Pressed, framed flowers. Pressed flowers have their own kind of beauty – they are ethereal, romantic, and timeless at the same time. Plus, they can be looked at forever and they will remain equally pretty. Offer them to your guests in nice frames and they will definitely appreciate the gift!
  • Seeds to plant. This is a really cute idea especially if you choose to offer the seeds in nice little envelopes saying “let our love grow”. Include seeds from your favorite flowers to make this even more meaningful and nice – we bet guests will more than love this kind of gift.
  • Seeds to eat. Yes, you read that right. Since edible favors are always popular and since they are always appreciated, why not blend this trend with your passion for plants? For instance, candy-coated sunflower seeds taste amazing and they can be a really satisfying snack!
  • Flowery wall for the photo booth. You don’t have to offer actual flowers to stick to your plant based wedding favor motif. For instance, you could create a lush, beautiful flower wall and invite your guests to shoot their photo booth pictures there – it will make for such a nice memory of your wedding!


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