These Mistakes Are Very Common for Brides and Grooms – Avoid Them!

With so many things to handle, it is quite easy to make mistakes as a bride or groom. Most of them are trifles and nobody will actually mind them – but there are some etiquette mistakes you should do everything in your power to avoid.

What are they?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • You keep thinking of what others will think – and in the process, lose yourself. Let’s get this straight: except for a handful of etiquette rules that are connected to how you make your guests feel, you have freedom of choice with pretty much everything else. Don’t want a white dress? Go ahead. Don’t want a classic song for your wedding exit? As long as your officiant allows it, go ahead. Create an event that suits you.
  • You buy the dress way too soon, before you even have a venue in mind. Yes, you should start searching for your wedding dress as soon as possible, but not before you choose the venue. The reason? The venue will dictate the style, the length of the veil and the length of the train, as well as a series of details connected to your dress and accessories.
  • You are too strict with your social media rules. People dress up nicely for your wedding and they come there to have fun – and yes, this might mean that they will want to share one or two photos on their Insta as well. Allow them to do this. Ask them not to post anything until the wedding is over and ask them not to shoot photos during the ceremony – but don’t completely forbid them from using social media to share their favorite photos.
  • You feel that you absolutely must wear an updo. No, you don’t. Yes, updos are elegant – but they are not the only style you can wear on your wedding day. Half up half down styles and even letting all your hair down are options just as viable as an updo. As mentioned in the beginning, feel free to wear what makes you feel good!


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