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These Yummy Wedding Favors Will Be Appreciated by Everyone

There are a thousand and one ways you can show your guests you truly appreciate their presence at your wedding – and one of the most popular ones is by offering them small tokens of gratitude, wedding favors.

Of all types of favors offered at weddings, the edible ones are always appreciated – precisely because they offer guests a real treat.

What are some of the yummiest wedding favor ideas your guests will definitely appreciate?

Read on and find out more, we have gathered the top most inspiring ideas.

  • While doughnut towers may be a bit passé at this point, there’s nobody to stop you from including this delicious dessert into your wedding in the form of a wedding favor. Shaped as hearts or as X’s and O’s, doughnuts are the kind of treat none of your wedding guests can say “no” to. Offer them in adorable personalized doughnut boxes and everyone will love it!
  • Homemade honey. Love is sweeter than honey – but if you want to remind your guests about that, the closest thing to sweetness of love you can offer is honey. Be sure to personalize these little jars of pure, sweet happiness – you can get really creative with the message on it, so don’t be afraid to think out of the box.
  • Want to offer your guests a savory favor they will want to munch on right away? Pretty bags of popcorn with a fun message on them are bound to be a hit with everyone – so don’t hesitate to offer this unique wedding favor.
  • Homemade cookies. If you have a special cookie recipe, don’t be afraid to include it in your wedding as a favor. Guests will definitely appreciate the personal touch (and the deliciousness of the favor, of course)!
  • Mini boxes of fruit. If you want to have a summer wedding, we can’t think of a better wedding favor, other than a mini box filled with seasonal fruit. Such a healthy, delicious, and flavorful gift to offer to those who took their time to come and celebrate with you this ultra-special day!


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