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What Are the Prettiest Bridesmaids’ Dresses Ideas for 2019?

If you are planning a wedding in Fort Worth this year (or any other year, or any other place, for that matter), you definitely want to look at your very best. Even more, you want your best friends to look great too – and this is why you might be interested in the prettiest bridesmaids’ dresses ideas for 2019.

What are they? Where are trends going when it comes to this?

We have some tips for you – keep reading and find out more.


  • It seems that navy-colored bridesmaids’ dresses are a timeless piece, especially for summer weddings. It may be because a lot of people associate this color with vacation – or it may simply be because navy is a very flattering color for everyone (plus, it works really well with a bunch of other pretty colors, including this year’s popular Living Coral).
  • What could be better for a spring or summer wedding, other than green? Matching your bridesmaids with a green-based color scheme will bring a whole new level of energy into your wedding day and it will make them feel really lovely too. Opt for darker greens if you want a more serious tone, or for pastel greens (such as mint green for example) if you want to add a playful, feminine touch to your wedding.
  • Of all the colors under the sun, this is by far one of the single most popular ones. And for all the good reasons. Pink is feminine and sweet and its nature is perfectly well-tied into the love theme of your wedding (which is, in the end, the main and most important one, right?). In 2019, pink bridesmaids’ dresses come in lovely pale shades and dusty tones – just perfect for those of you who want to keep it both girly and classy at the same time.
  • Soft and pretty, grey looks stunning when paired with brighter colors – such as a lovely yellow or pink bouquet, for example. Plus, you could settle for a variety of shades of grey – from the darker ones to the lighter ones and even petroleum grey that ads just a touch of color to the mix. Your bridesmaids will look really great dressed like this!


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